02 June 2020

The access industry focus on digitalization not only continues, but is revealing a greater urgency in telematics application. How is your business strategy adapting?

How can IoT technology support business in the “new normal”?

Now’s the time to expand your connections. Rental companies and OEMs are already adjusting their business strategies with a stronger focus on the value of telematics applications.

With reports of increased customer web traffic and ecommerce activity, hands-off remote access to fleet insights is more important the ever. As the industry turns toward operational responses aimed at equipment disinfection, social distanced delivery, drive-up services, and fleet health maintenance, some companies are using this time to strategize on technology investments that include IoT and software platforms – so they can emerge stronger and better able to readily serve their customers.

The recommendation from industry leading telematics provider, ZTR, is to prepare, adapt and improve by focusing on five core areas to:

  • Enable new customer experiences
  • Reduce touch
  • Automate workflows
  • Increase fleet health and availability
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
Applying technology where it’s needed most

More Rental companies will be taking digital orders, and using digital processes to make it easier for customers to pick-up, monitor, return, and pay for equipment. Elements of these digital experiences will be enabled by telematics.

Imagine new processes where run hours automatically sync to business systems using a GeoZone® upon return to a yard, then trigger the correct customer billing and equipment status. This allows for a more efficient and consistent branch and customer experience.

Preserving equipment health and value

Many equipment owners are taking a conservative approach to capital expenditure spending and will need to protect their current investments to protect fleet health and resell value. Insights and data derived from ZTR Telematics Solutions will enable this. Enhanced telematics data and alerts allow equipment owners to:

  • remotely monitor and diagnose machine operation,
  • show up with needed parts to complete repair jobs in one trip, and
  • build stronger customer service and support relationships.
Ensure equipment uptime and increase rROIC

Keeping track of assets using technology to locate, maintain, control and measure equipment performance, will ensure onsite productivity is maximized. The need to reduce touch either on the machinery or through social distancing can be addressed by leveraging location data using ZTR Telematics and T-Series Tags.

The ZTR M7 and Access Management Solution can help OEMs improve their products by leveraging data ‘at a distance’ and create elevated customer experiences through remote machine control, access codes and contactless RFID cards.

ZTR can help you look for opportunities to apply the technology we have in more targeted and consistent ways so we can emerge stronger – backed by the power of insight and data-driven decisions.

Contact us to find out how we can put a solution to work for you.

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