Improve fleet availability, efficient scheduling and operational costs

Locomotive reliability is essential, and locomotive batteries are under more strain than ever before. A failed start is detrimental to operations and costly to manage. 

Lack of locomotive availability has a major impact on the railroads. It disrupts locomotive scheduling, causes unexpected personnel reallocation and requires shop time for battery replacement. Further, replacement locomotive availability is an issue, and equipment for assisted re-starts is required, all resulting in downtime and more dollars spent on replacement batteries.

The ZTR KickStart uses supercapacitor technology to supplement locomotive batteries during engine start. Lower power demand, longer battery life and reduced voltage drop during starting creates a significant reduction in dead-won’t-start (DWS) issues.

  • Zero DWS to date
  • Hundreds installed
  • Used by more than 70% of Class 1s
  • Applications on most diesel-electric locomotives (old or new)
  • Use in both passenger and freight
  • Improvements in starting reliability on both low and high horsepower fleets

Estimated ROI with KickStart is 1-2 years!

Dependability, uptime and operational efficiency are critically important if you want to keep your railroad on track. KickStart is the safe and reliable solution that improves starting reliability and availability, while reducing operational costs for a strong – and quick – ROI!

KickStart: The Case for Supercapacitorss