To stay competitive, railways need to have better, more accessible information faster. Our expert team can take any schematic, paper or electronic, and update it into a color-coded, searchable and interactive electronic document. We can completely redraft full locomotive electronic schematics, and update them to include any upgrades since the last draft. With a stringent review process, our team also ensures accuracy and reliability. 

When urgent issues arise, accessing crucial schematics needs to be immediate and convenient. Electronic schematics make data accessible to anyone, anywhere for faster troubleshooting and increased locomotive reliability.  

  • Flexible design 
  • Easy-to-read
  • Reliable accuracy 
  • Accessible and portable
  • Searchable 
  • Simple updates

The recent increase in locomotive schematic changes has put a tremendous load on railway drafting departments. Let ZTR help by outsourcing the flood of drawings to us. We have been providing this service for the past 10 years, on over 100 locomotive models, with thousands of individual locomotive schematics completed, all over the world.

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