Why choose Locomotive Battery System Saver?

When a locomotive is shut down manually, non-essential circuits can drain the locomotive batteries and result in dead batteries or reduced battery life. With the Locomotive Battery Saver™ System, a contactor simulating the main battery disconnect switch will open automatically after a preset time delay. At any time after these loads have been shed, they can easily be reinstated by pressing a backlit reset button or restarting the locomotive. The Locomotive Battery Saver System is compact in size and easily mounted in the electrical cabinet.

LBSS Device


  • Disconnects non-essential circuits during a manual shut down
  • Extends battery life and reduces dead battery occurrences
  • Compact size and easily mounts in the electrical cabinet
  • Rugged design with a backlit reset button
  • Open configuration options
  • We are known for our exceptional integration capabilities.

Download the Locomotive Battery Saver System Brochure


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