Need a clearer picture of railcar status?


If you’re not focusing on how railway IoT technology can improve supply chain visibility, you could be overlooking a crucial opportunity. 

Railcars contain a lot more than cargo.

From real-time location, mileage, to load status, there’s a great deal of valuable data you can capture to get a clearer picture of your railcar status. Customers want to know with more immediacy – where their freight is, when it’s going to arrive and how that will impact their own productivity.

Take control

Now you can get advanced railcar insights through ZTR PIVOT™. It’s an advanced railcar remote monitoring solution from ZTR in partnership with BlackBerry™ that gives you unparalleled visibility into your fleet so you can optimize asset utilization and realize huge efficiency gains. ZTR PIVOT integrates with existing business systems and meets railway efficiency requirements to help you see beyond location.

  • Measure and understand container loads and usage
  • Optimize fleet operations by knowing railcar status changes
  • Increase cargo capacity with space utilization readings
  • Protect cargo integrity
Gain a competitive advantage

Backed by decades of railway expertise and the strength of BlackBerry’s industry-leading communication, battery management and security capabilities, ZTR PIVOT makes it easier to get the most out of owned or leased assets by offering a way to better understand true utilization and fleet size needs, now and in the future. By driving overall efficiencies and eliminating bottlenecks, you can improve the flow and exchange of goods and gain a competitive advantage by giving your customer what they want – supply chain visibility. 

A complete solution

Hardware built to withstand the rugged conditions of the railway combined with an intuitive online dashboard and robust integration options, the ZTR PIVOT railcar solution is a powerful solution that lets you track and monitor your railcars and their cargo.

How PIVOT helps


Reduce expenses related to the purchase, operation and maintenance of your railcars by seeing how your railcars are underused, overused or misused so you can direct ongoing maintenance, right-size your fleet and get the most asset value.

Visibility and Security

Meet customer expectations by sharing data at the right time, with the right people and business systems, securely.


Maximize operational efficiency by understanding dwell and cycle times, knowing where your assets are, and reducing lost railcars.


Challenge traditional maintenance methods to lower costs by improving maintenance efficiency and reducing issue response time.


ZTR PIVOT is the advanced digital railcar remote monitoring solution you’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to transform the way you do business. Ask us how.