How to give your fleet a new lease on life with Railway IoT.

As railway fleets age, owners and operators often face costs associated with discarding and replacing assets. But, thanks to technology, there are ways to extend fleet life and increase operational efficiencies without having to buy new.

Sometimes, even newer equipment isn’t able to provide the insights that allow for operational benefits and improvements, but it’s important to make all equipment, even newer assets, last as long as possible. The answer? Instead of replacing fleet assets earlier than desired, implement a Railway IoT (RIoT) solution.

5 ways RIoT can improve your fleet performance and business operations:

  • Maximize velocity and efficiency by gaining insight into how your assets operate and provide improved maintenance to keep your operations running efficiently.
  • Right-size your fleet and get the best value from all of your assets by knowing where and how your equipment is being used and how it’s behaving so you can make key decisions to maximize usage.
  • Improve overall maintenance by reducing issue response time and identifying/correcting equipment health issues early. With this key information, technicians can better plan routine maintenance by location. You'll be able to increase uptime by ensuring optimal equipment performance and reduced costs related to warranty, replacement and ongoing maintenance.
  • Increase supply chain visibility, which is critical to operational success, by securely sharing the right data at the right time and with the right people. RIoT can give insights into your fleet and shipments for greater awareness of location and arrival.
  • Ensure reliability and availabity. In today’s PSR-driven environment, you need to solve problems faster, know where your equipment is and make sure it’s operating properly so it’s available when you need it without uncessary delay or penalties.

RIoT isn’t just about connecting locomotives to your office. It’s about connecting all of your assets to your operations center, in-field team and supply chain, allowing the right people to access key insights and diagnose and solve problems quickly and effectively. The right RIoT solution will improve the efficiency and performance of aging fleets, bringing them into a new era of modern performance. RIoT solutions make it possible to achieve significant, measurable improvements in reliability, performance, availability and maintenance, without the cost of new asset investments.

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