What is Railway IoT?

The phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) describes the connection of devices to the internet and to each other. Although a seemingly simple concept, it has now become more complex with the vast network of physical devices, industrial vehicles, home appliances and a myriad of other items that are now able to connect and exchange data with each other and the internet.

The IoT can also allow objects to be sensed or controlled remotely, across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for improved efficiency.

So what does that all mean to railways?

Railway IoT uses asset connectivity, remote diagnostics and precise position monitoring to improve the efficiency of railway operations through data driven analytics and decision-making. Railway IoT can be applied to your fleet of locomotives or can also include all of your rail yard equipment and Maintenance of Way assets for a holistic view of your railway.

How can Railway IoT solutions improve fuel management?

Fuel can account for over 25% of a railroad’s total operational cost. With that in mind, optimized fuel usage is critical to the effective management of a locomotive fleet. Whether it’s tracking fuel savings with an automatic engine start-stop (AESS) system, or remotely monitoring locomotive fuel usage with an advanced fuel level monitoring system, more information allows fleet managers to optimize fuel usage and uncover cost savings, especially if you can get this data wherever and whenever you need it.

With ZTR Railway IoT solutions you can solve your fuel issues and gain greater insights into your operations with factors like:

  • Excessive periods of engine idle -providing analysis when you can reduce idle periods to help reduce fuel consumption and assist you in meeting environmental targets.
  • Fuel management - providing real time location information, reports and alerts on fuel fill events, fuel levels, fuel usage, fuel theft events, fuel savings, and the potential for even greater fuel savings.
  • Operator behaviour - giving you valuable data remotely, without having to pull it directly from the locomotive, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Fuel supply intel - tracking deliveries and locations of fuel, could identify cost-effective sources when you need to fuel up.
    • Know when to fuel and how much by filling up where it makes the most economical sense.
    • Identifying consumption patterns across operations to determine fuel needs

 What data can I get from my fleet?

The data you receive can have significant impact on your operations. It can allow you to review underperforming units or make better fuel decisions at the fleet level. With ZTR some of the data you can receive includes:

  • Accurate confirmation of locomotive fuel levels
  • GPS location and GeoZone® intelligent reporting
  • Track when, where and the quantity of fuel fill
  • Fuel tank rupture notifications
  • Mobile reports of locomotive fuel level by location
  • Tracking & remote reporting of fuel events including fill events, fuel levels, fuel usage & fuel theft
  • Automated notifications, alarms & maintenance triggers
  • Vital information on Railway IoT equipped locomotives for remote field operations (via a smartphone app)
  • ZTR InteLevel and ZTR SmartStart system health information & diagnostics
  • Combined fuel and emission reporting
  • Operations efficiency and utilization reporting
  • Advanced reporting for ZTR SmartStart equipped locomotives individually or at the fleet level:
    • Details or summary of potential and actual fuel savings as well as additional data to help troubleshoot any issues
    • Duty Cycle Reporting on the amount of time spent by the locomotive in the different modes of operation
    • Emissions reporting on the overall reduction in emissions due to AESS operation

ONEi3 Locomotive

These ZTR insights further allow you to optimize your fuel use and reduce operational costs. With ZTR Railway IoT for fuel monitoring, you can:

  • Measure return-on-investment and improved locomotive efficiency through advanced reporting
  • Achieve operational improvements that increase fuel savings based on advanced savings analysis
  • Reduce idle to save fuel and meet environmental diesel emission targets
  • Decrease fuel losses and optimize refueling based on location data

How can you get even greater insights?

By getting above your fleet and looking at your fuel supply you can manage fuel from all angles. That means connecting you to the source and getting insights from your bulk fuel storage tanks to give you greater fuel monitoring across your operations.

  • Get specific knowledge on tank leaks or fuel events like replenishment and usage
  • Review trends through reports on fuel levels, historical fuel level graphs, asset location, and bread crumbing
  • Schedule alerts for fuel fill and fuel loss event notifications
  • Audit fuel procurement and monitor trends in fuel condition and quality.
  • Connect your bulk storage to your fleet-wide solution for tank maintenance scheduling, certification alerts and tracking.

ZTR Railway IoT solutions can provide the smart data you need to optimize your fleet, your fuel and your operations. Even the simplest device can make a difference in the way you monitor, track and manage fuel across your operations. If you are looking for a way to increase efficiency and save fuel without making significant changes to your fleet, adding ZTR Railway IoT solutions add significant value.