Your Maintenance of Way work equipment is talking.

Are you listening?

Whether you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Rebuilder, Railroad, Contractor, or Lessor, putting a digital strategy in place for your equipment is crucial if you want to elevate your business approach and achieve greater success.

For Manufacturers, it helps you:

  • grow sales through differentiation,
  • enhance customer experiences, and
  • improve product development.

For Railroads and Contractors, it makes it easier to:

  • maximize equipment utilization,
  • optimize equipment maintenance processes, and
  • improve production efficiency.

For Lessors, it means you can:

  • maximize equipment utilization,
  • enhance the rental experience for your customers, and
  • optimize equipment maintenance processes.
Equipment Icon

Equipment and Device Integration

A telematics device from our broad portfolio of proven hardware can be paired with and installed on any make, model or equipment type.

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Communications, Gateways, and Data

ZTR has relationships with major carriers to leverage existing communication systems and ensure we stay ahead of the evolving communication landscape.

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Service Delivery and Network

The ZTR ONE i3 platform includes a variety of features including mapping, geofencing, fleet management, alerts and faults, maintenance planning and analytics.