Whether you are rebuilding your locomotive or simply upgrading the electrical systems, NEXSYS III-i will give you the best value for your investment in locomotive control. The reliable compact design, improved tractive effort and integrated AESS technology are a winning combination that will extend the life of your locomotives.

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The test results show that tractive effort with NEXSYS III-i is up to 44% better depending on track conditions. Tractive Effort measured by TTCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of AAR.

Challenge: Choosing a New Locomotive Control System to Improve Performance in Older Locomotives

NEXSYS in Action Example #1

One of the world’s largest railroads chose NEXSYS III-i as a life extension program on a group of several hundred aging locomotives. The locomotives’ OEM control system was an item that met the criteria for replacement. The railroad chose NEXSYS III-i because it met the key requirements of component reliability and long-term availability of parts. ZTR also provided an on-site support person during the first months of the life extension program. The railroad noticed that a dedicated ZTR person on the shop floor—to work with the railroad personnel, provide assistance with training, documentation, problem-solving, and minor project management—helped cut costs. With ZTR on-site, potential program delays were identified and averted, and innovations to streamline portions of the locomotive rebuild could be incorporated in the process.

  • As locomotives continue to cycle through the program, the mean time between failure rate, number of road failures, and other reliability metrics for these locomotives, are proving to be among the best in the industry.
  • The all-weather dispatchable adhesion improvement NEXSYS III-i provides was noted by crews. Although not part of the RFP, nor considered during the selection process, this improvement was observed and documented during head-to-head tests at an independent lab. The Railroad’s Operating department later requested and received this information for their records.
  • Additional key metrics from the mechanical department included using High Voltage Cabinet space efficiently by making the control system as compact as possible to allow room for PTC hardware. In addition to requesting a small footprint on the control system, the railroad also added flexible multi-stage locomotive battery charging control to help extend battery life and an integrated EPAcertified AESS system.
NEXSYS in Action Example #2

Australia’s largest rail freight operator has been using the NEXSYS system for over seven years with better than advertised results. The system uses every horsepower available to deliver maximum adhesion. NEXSYS eliminates dynamic regulation faults and grid burnout occurrences. NEXSYS also offered easy selfload analysis and traction performance analysis.

NEXSYS in Action Example #3

The largest intermediate switching terminal railroad in the United States was looking for a way to increase tractive effort on several hump service locomotives. The goal was to eliminate rail burning and increase tonnage to 14,000 tons. With only 20 seconds to get the locomotives moving, the goal was aggressive. They were very happy when NEXSYS allowed them to hit 16,000 tons.

“Best of all, ZTR staff provides rapid response, easy adaption, relatively low cost software and hardware changes, as well as continuing new product development— these attributes are appreciated for they greatly assist in end customer service.” - Locomotive Services Specialist

NEXSYS III-i Benefits

  • Improve dry rail adhesion performance by up to 44%
  • Improve wet rail adhesion performance by up to 29%
  • Better pulling power
  • Substantial fuel savings
  • Improve reliability with proven microprocessor technology that replaces old relay logic or modules
  • Easy-to-read on-board diagnostic display saves troubleshooting time
  • Integrated with SmartStart® IIe, the most trusted AESS on the market
  • Long-term availability of parts; well-known industrial components ruggedized for the railroad industry
  • Eliminate extra modules with an integrated voltage regulator, including battery charging and current limiting features