Terms & Conditions for Suppliers

We are committed to partnering with our suppliers to provide our customers with the best possible source of materials for goods and services. Download Terms & Conditions PDF.

Purchasing Policy

It is ZTR Control Systems' policy to obtain the best value (price, quality, and service) for the materials, goods, and services it purchases from suppliers. ZTR also maintains the highest ethical standards in dealing with suppliers and expects the same standards in return.

Guiding Principles

ZTR Control Systems authorized representatives are:

Dean Mantel – Purchasing
Ellen Winther – Purchasing
Yogesh Marathe – Production Manager

  1. Purchasing needs arise in a variety of contexts. In some cases, the company unit with a purchasing need may wish to engage prospective suppliers in preliminary discussions. In other cases, the company unit may decide to ask Purchasing to deal with prospective suppliers. In no case should a company unit commit the company to a purchase without involving the appropriate Purchasing Department.
  2. Approved contracts developed by Purchasing, including ZTR purchase orders, will be used wherever possible to ensure that the company's (i) interests are fully protected and (ii) purchasing initiatives are appropriately implemented.
  3. ZTR Control Systems staff cannot imply or offer an intent to purchase. Only employees specifically authorized (see above) may sign purchase agreements on behalf of the company.

Supplier Diversity Program

At ZTR Control Systems we recognize the importance of having a diverse supplier base that reflects our employees and our customers. We are committed to working with small, women- and minority-owned companies that can support our long-term growth objectives and add value to our businesses by providing innovative solutions to our marketing, manufacturing, and R&D efforts.

Please see below for a list of diverse supplier categories:

Small Business

To find out whether your company qualifies as a Small Business, visit the Business Administration "Office of Size Standards".

Minority Owned Business

To find out whether your company qualifies as a Minority Owned business, visit the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

Women Owned Business

To find out whether your company qualifies as a Women Owned business, visit the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Suppliers Performance

It is the goal of ZTR to measure performance and provide feedback to core and strategic suppliers on a quarterly basis. Supplier performance feedback will be accomplished through ZTR Supplier Scorecards and through normal business communication channels. Performance will be measured in the key areas of Quality, Supply Continuity, Total Cost, and Customer Service. The intent of the measurements is to provide the supplier with our view on how well the supplier is meeting our business needs. We also encourage suppliers to provide us with assessments of ZTR as a customer. This information will become the basis for discussions on improving the business relationships.