ZTR Axle Gen: Performance for the Future

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON.  During the lifetime of a locomotive, an axle generator can be replaced time and time again. Debris that chips away at, and eventually shakes the unit loose, can cause unplanned downtime and replacement costs. The ZTR AxleGen not only has a new slim line but it allows for EIGHT individual outputs in one small but robust unit. These outputs feature selectable voltage levels and provide enhanced precision.

“This Interface Module of this device not only provides power for the axle generator itself, but also takes the information the generator is communicating and produces the various speed signals for speedometers, control systems, event recorders or any other devices requiring speed information.”~ Rich Colwell, Rail Sales Director at ZTR Control Systems.

The ZTR AxleGen low profile design reduces the likelihood of damage by debris and its internal design protects it from water and oil that can get inside and freeze. This makes the ZTR AxleGen maintenance free, while increasing the overall reliability of your locomotive.
You can count on ZTR Control Systems as the Locomotive Modernization Experts to ensure your fleet is ready for the new technology developments of the future.


  • Low profile design – ultra compact design and sloped sides for debris deflection reduces the likelihood of damage from impact.
  • Easy to install – direct replacement for older axle generators and uses your existing driveshaft.
  • Multiple outputs - Up to 8 available outputs to support modern locomotive requirements, including PTC systems.
  • Field-configurable options – universally programmable PPR up to 512 and other options configurable in the field, with no software downloads needed.
  • Low maintenance – oil free with no maintenance required.
  • Reliable Cold Weather Performance
  • Active, self-powered technology – with a built-in power source no movement is required for activation and better accuracy results.



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