H2M IS Functions

Location Monitoring

PIVOT gateway H2M IS incorporates GPS technology for asset tracking and location monitoring. This feature provides near real-time and precise location data, facilitating efficient asset management and routing.

Impact Detection

The gateway doubles up as an impact detection sensor that can register any significant shocks or impacts experienced by the railcar. This information is vital for assessing potential damage, investigating incidents, and ensuring the safety of both the railcar and its cargo.


Long lasting battery


Long Lasting Battery

H2M IS is not dependent on external sources of energy (charging, solar etc.). It is equipped with a high capacity, long lasting battery which can last more than 8 years. The battery is replaceable and the gateway indicates well in advance about the need for battery replacement. The H2M IS needs no maintenance except battery replacements. 

Quick installation


Quick Installation

PIVOT's design allows for flexible and straightforward installation on all types of railcars. The gateway can be installed quickly and conveniently anywhere on the railcar. Typical installation takes under 10 minutes. The gateway comes with installation brackets that makes the installation process faster.


Encrypted and Secure

PIVOT uses industry grade encryption protocols to safeguard all transmitted data, ensuring that information is protected from unauthorized access or tampering.

Multple Sensors

Supports Multiple Sensors

The PIVOT Gateway communicates with compatible external wireless sensors and enables expansion of features and services.


Compatible with All Railcars

The H2M IS seamlessly integrates with a wide range of railcars, including boxcars, tankcars, hoppers, gondolas, and even custom-built models.


C1D1 Certification

H2M IS is intrinsically safe in hazardous conditions and is engineered to withstand challenging rail conditions.

Download the Gateway H2M IS Specification Sheet here.

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