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An AESS will be a big step towards reaching your decarbonization and fuel reduction goals!

Join us for an insightful webinar where we unravel the transformative impact of Automatic Engine Stop-Start (AESS) systems on the rail industry. Discover how AESS, particularly SmartStart, is revolutionizing locomotive operations by minimizing idling, optimizing fuel consumption, and significantly reducing emissions. The webinar discusses our whitepaper on AESS and aims to comprehensively explore the following aspects:

  • Reducing locomotive fuel consumption¬†
  • Minimizing locomotive idling
  • Significantly Reducing emissions
  • Savings through SmartStart AESS
  • ROI Insights for SmartStart AESS
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Shubham Srivastava
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Steve Cable
Senior Account Manager
Amarjit Soora
Amarjit Soora - Senior Product Manager