Why choose ELC-PEO?

Aging locomotive load regulators can be difficult to maintain. Reliability is a constant issue and spare parts are hard to find. The ZTR Locomotive Electronic Load Controller – Performance Enhanced Option (ELC-PEO) solves both problems, while delivering reliable performance and diagnostic improvements that will significantly improve your operations.

ELC Device

ZTR FLEX Platform

The Locomotive ELC is built on the ZTR FLEX Platform™. This means you can start with basic functionality and easily add more later. The platform is designed using trusted industrial technology with millions of hours of testing and run time.

We offer advanced software and user-friendly diagnostic interface for optimal operation and performance



Short-term current regulation for both the traction motors and main generator, plus voltage and current fault protection for the main generator.

Horsepower and traction motor current regulation by throttle using adaptive targeting.

Improve through adaptive targeting and control of wheel slip through intelligent sanding.

Monitoring, diagnostics, logging and event counting through an intuitive web browser interface, with no need to install software for setup and commissioning operations.

Low cost upgrades make it easy to add greater locomotive control functionality in the future.

Elimination of high-maintenance load regulator with new reliable solid state technology with zero maintenance.